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I love optimizing anything I do from writing to cleaning the kitchen, I try to find the best ways to reduce the time it takes and also producing the best outcome. The passion for optimization leaves me wondering how I can improve productivity with everything I do include my work.

If you have to think of maximizing productivity like me then you might also have had burnouts as I do. You push yourself to the limits(objective factor), you feel exhausted and tired. The first thing I do when I face something like this is to clean my workstation. Yes, you read it right. I clean my workstation to get rid of burnout and maximize productivity.

When I work I do not bother about anything else like keeping the desk clean or placing the cup at the right spot. I have my desk scattered with post-its and pens all the time I do not put an effort to keep them organized when I work. These scattered objects add up to a form of an unorganized table or desk. I keep them that way for a reason so that I can turn this mess into a tool for getting rid of burnout.

The day I have burnout, I stand up and decide to clean my desk. The process of cleaning the desk itself is a bit meditative for me. I put on relaxing music and use it as therapy to get rid of all the objects from the desk and rearrange and organize them one by one. In the past, I used to worry about my disorganzied desk and then have anxiety over it for no reason. While I do not worry so much about this situation anymore, I have found an effective way to execute the organizing process when I am on to it.

These are the steps I have created:

  1. Have a carton or cardboard box into which you can clear all your desktop items first. Switch a slow relaxing music
  2. Remove electronics(Laptop/Phone etc) carefully from the desk
  3. Clean the table with a perfumed cleaner (I told you it can be a therapeutic process)
  4. Sort the content in the box and remove unwanted items. I often find dysfunctional headsets, corrupted pen drives, and even used post-it notes in my box.
  5. Once you have the box cleared, you will be left with essentials only which you could clean with a cloth, or if it’s an electronic device, use something like a liquid cleaner.
  6. You could reset the items on the desk once it is wiped clean.

Do not make this more complex or you will feel like too much work apart from your burnout that you are trying to get rid of. Usually, once I get this process going, I feel more relaxed and calm. I am not sure if it will work for everyone, someone might feel that they should do this on a daily basis to be more productive but again it’s subjective.

The interval at which you get this going is up to you and your preferences but I can assure you that the process of cleaning and working on a clean desk makes you relaxed and I believe that can produce better results than when you work with a cluttered desk. Try my process once and please let me know what you feel when you break out of the cluttered desk.

Desk Cleaning for Maximum Productivity
desk cleaning for maximum productivity