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It is a really obvious fact that online survey sites provide teens with the best way to earn money online. However, there are several other options that you should consider. Below are 5 different alternatives that you can utilize if you want to start earning money today.

1.) Blog – Interested about a particular topic? Are you intrigued by something? Do you have a hobby? Then blogging is for you! For instance, a few of my friends operate this big gaming blog and AdSense helps them in pulling in thousands of dollars a month! Of course initially, only a few visitors came to the site. But as time passed and as they continued writing quality and interesting content, more and more readers started to get drawn in to their blog. They started out with a cheap blog and wrote about things that interested them and they currently earn up to $5000 monthly! By integrating ads by Google AdSense to the blog, they earn a commission every time a visitor clicks on the ads!

2.) E-book writing – Are you an expert on some field? Interested in writing unique ideas and thoughts? Then this method will help you. The mechanics are simple: write an e-book and sell it online. Pour down your ideas on a piece of paper and you’ll be astonished at the people who are interested in knowing your ideas. Remember that e-books can contain just about anything, from stories to research, so never be discouraged just because you think that people are not interested in reading anything from a teen like you! After finishing your e-book, offer it to people around the net: forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and price it reasonably.

3.) Sell it on eBay – With enough time and effort, you’ll be raking thousands of dollars in eBay. Make a free account and start selling away! As a matter of fact, I have been vending anything around my room: old video games, clothes, anything! My earnings have accumulated to $870 already, just for the past month! No wonder many adults make their living by selling things via eBay. But you have to be a legitimate seller and inform and impress your buyers about your items.

4.) Show off at YouTube – Make a video and earn from it! YouTube is a great way to earn a sizable sum of money through the internet! Make a free account, make and post a video, and add AdSense ads to them! There are a lot of videos on YouTube that rake views by the millions, now visualize all the profit. Be warned: just because you posted a video it doesn’t mean people will give you views. That’s why you have to make sure that your videos are interesting, humorous, unique, full of quality, and informative so that you will have more viewers. Don’t add thrill to just one video, make sure you do it to all your videos so that viewers will be begging for more and will want to view your videos always.

5.) Work at Mechanical Turk – I just found out about Mturk recently. But I am amazed after using it for just a couple of weeks. Basically, Mechanical Turk is offered by amazon.com and entitles you to a compensation for completing small tasks: from describing a picture for $0.10, to writing an article with 1,000 words for $15. This may not look huge, but considering the easiness of the tasks, you’ll be doing it a lot of times and you’ll be shocked at your earnings. But of course, this requires time and effort.

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