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Fats and oil is one of the major food nutrients needed by a human body in order to function effectively. Without fats and oil, the body would malfunction, thus fat is very essential.

However, human body does not need fats and oil in large proportion. Only a little percent of fats and oil would serve the required body need, excessive accumulation of fat in a human body can be very dangerous. Fat accumulation results to some dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart attacks which can lead to death or paralysis.

You should therefore guard against excessive fat accumulation in any region of your body. Fats could accumulate in many regions of your body such as lower abdominal regions, waistline, and lower parts of the body and so on. In men, it normally accumulates in the waistline therefore resulting in what is popularly known as love handles.

Females are most liable to fat accumulation, they are often in peril of love handles as well as the accumulation of fat in their lower body regions.

It is therefore important that you apply proven means in burning off your belly fat before they reach critical level. Exercise is one of the most effective means of burning fats; however you can as well burn off fats without exercise. Exercises would help you in losing belly fats as fast as possible, however this article discusses better means of losing fats other than exercise.

One of the most effective means of losing belly fats is good diet. You should fix yourself on quality diet. Your diet should exclude fats and oil. If you do not exclude fats from your diet, you will accumulate more and more fat. Exercise would prove abortive in losing fat if you do not observe the right kind of diet. You should ask your doctor to give you a list of foods that have zero fat content.

Protein rich food would also go a long way in helping you. Your foods should be basically made up of vitamins and minerals.

You can feed continuously on fruits and vegetables such as banana, mango, orange, pear, walnut, bitter leaf, and so on. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals but have zero percent fats and oil. Observing this form of dietary for a long time will go a long way in helping you to lose belly fat.

In case you want to lose belly fat as fast as possible, you can go through advance medical surgery. There are some powerful medical processes that can help you in losing belly fat.

An example of such medical process is mesotherapy and liposuction. The only disadvantage of these medical processes is that they are costly and painful.

 However if you can handle the cost and pain, these medical processes proves to be the fastest means of losing belly fat. The doctor places you on a special kind of diet after the medical surgery. You will not only lose belly fat through these medical processes, but also you will lose fat from all over your body.

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