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Jillian Michaels has wonderful abs — that is a truth. She puts along a tricky exercising, as we have seen with “Shred-It With mass,” “30 Day Shred” and a lot of. Therefore, it stands to reason that her “6 Week Six-Pack” videodisk would kick some important, umm, abs, right?

The videodisk offers 2 30- to 35-minute segments — level one and level 2. each ar terribly similar workouts, however level 2 takes the moves from level one and kicks it up a notch. In these core workouts, you employ a hand weight, tho’ the dimensions is up to you (Michaels and also the 2 girls within the video seem to be exploitation rather light-weight weights, however the video does not create any recommendations).

The workouts every feature a dynamic readying, a circuit exercising that options short intervals to boost your pulse and is completed doubly, and a quick cooldown.

The Good

 i used to be perspiring and tired at the tip. I felt it in my core, and cardio-wise i believed it absolutely was higher than Shred. Some utterly new ab moves, some variations on acquainted ones. Fast paced, unpredictables (not boring). Jillian was being Jillian once more.

Level of issue

Like different videos by Michaels, i’d place this one within the intermediate to advanced camp.

Next-Day Soreness

Significant however not weakening and (not surprisingly) primarily within the abs.

Who’s It For?

Those who like Michaels can, obviously, be drawn to the workouts, however people who ar yearning for a fairly short, robust exercise that focuses on the core will fancy this. Well, a minimum of they will appreciate it.


The workouts area unit solid — i used to be huffing and puffing and sweating in each levels. Despite this being AN abs travail, my biceps, shoulders and thighs all felt the movements. That being same, it wasn’t thus tough and intense that i could not have tacked it on to the tip of a run or strength-training travail.


I want Michaels had given alittle a lot of within the method of safety instruction. There area unit variety of moves that involve twisting and swinging your hand weight — I may see wherever one may tweak one thing rather simply.

Bottom Line

I likeable the workouts, and, in fact, my husband (who seldom joins Maine in looking for DVDs) found each levels to be serious workouts. i would not advocate it for a beginner, and if somebody has little or no core strength, i would recommend beginning with a really light-weight weight (or none in the least, that is shown as AN choice in level one). Overall, though, it’s definitely a keeper, and that i see it obtaining plenty of play once swimming costume season rolls around!