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This might sound like a trick question, but I can assure you that it is not.

There are a lot of people wondering if kickboxing would help the body burn fat and exercise the cardiac muscle.

At first glance, we could be optimistic, because kickboxing involves a lot of movement from all of your body, and the way you burst with energy every time you hit is actually a good indicator of the stress and strain that the heart has to power through in order to keep you alive.

Kickboxing as a sport or a training style, is more than great, and it can work your body so much, that you will actually gain muscle as you work out.

On the other hand, kickboxing as a workout DVD, is a bad idea.

But why? Wouldn’t that be sort of the same thing?


In training DVDs, the people take it slow and don’t really break the sweat. This in turn usually induces the idea that you don’t have to work too hard to get a great body and complete your workout.

This is very wrong, and the people that actually think that, should never get fit bodies.

Kickboxing, on the other hand, is not just a way to get a nice toned body, but also a very dangerous full contact sport.

As a martial artist I studied kickboxing and I have gone toe to toe with kick boxers on many occasions.

I must admit that their blows actually hurt, and if you do not know how to grasp and control your skills, you will easily wind up either doing something very bad, or in a lot of trouble.

Cardio Kickboxing DVDs can actually teach you a lot of kickboxing maneuvers and hits.

Just add power and you can be the next action star.

Plus, people tend to shrug it off and say that it’s just a workout video, so it is not to be taken seriously.

Wrong again.

Just because the people in the video do not show the same enthusiasm as a professional kick boxer would, that does not mean it is to be laughed at.

Muay Thai, Tae Bo, Wu Shu, all of these are kickboxing style martial arts, and there have been workout DVDs released based on training from each and every one of them.

By far the most marketed and commercialized were the workouts derived from Tae Bo, but when I first saw a Tae Bo workout video, I immediately recognized the training.

So, no.

Workout DVDs based on kickboxing training are a very bad idea. They give you a sense of the activity, but nothing more.

So in the end, you wind up missing a lot of good stuff.

If you really want to train and you really want to gain both the body and the skills of a martial artist, you would be better off joining a dojo or a gym and learning them, while consulting the DVDs in parallel if you insist.