About me

Hi Babe,

I’m Sara. Welcome to my blog and life. I am glad that you found my blog among the millions out there. I started blogging with medium, Tumblr, and Blogspot a few years back, but I couldn’t do it consistently. Then I decided to start this blog to take ownership of my content and grow with focus.

When I started, I never expected it to be helpful to anyone, but it was just a platform to share my thoughts, lifestyle. I treated this as a journal. Now I believe that this blog can be helpful to others and can at the same time be a source of passive income itself. I earn from the Amazon affiliate program and will also be adding more revenue sources. I invite you to be part of this journey and get insights into my life and the growth of this blog.

I will share the strategies and tactics that worked for me and those that have failed miserably. If you want to start a mom blog or a blog of any kind, read the blogging section because I have tried to share my struggles and wins.

I am soon introducing a page to share income reports of bloggers like you who have made it big to be motivation for me and might be for you. I love writing about making, saving, and investing money which I will often do in the coming days and months.

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