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It was on a cold January day, back in 2006, when a new channel was released upon the unsuspecting masses.

The channel was over-hyped, as usual, and it promised a way to keep in shape anywhere and anytime.

This all sounded too good to be true, and it was.

Sadly, this project was one of the most useless attempts of inspiring people to exercise that I have ever seen.

But what exactly was Exercise TV and what did it doo?

Well, it was launched with the purpose of educating people about working out, and hopefully inspiring them to do so.

It did not hold water, and the ship started slowly sinking soon after the channel was founded.

With a small staff, and a video on demand channel, it soon started differentiating between viewers.

The normal channel, where all the free programming took place, consisted of a limited number of shows that kept repeating over and over again, while the on demand channel was constantly advertising new shows.

This model was actually kept up until the very end, when things were so ridiculous, a tsunami of jokes were made in honor of the terrible channel.

Another really humiliating way, in which the channel sunk, was its poor use of resources and ideas.

And by that I mean they spent all the money and random stuff, and there were no ideas.

Sometimes, probably when the planets aligned, the channel’s management decided to do new shows and move some of the on demand stuff on the free channel.

Of course, a lot of people were fooled into thinking that these were good guys and that they generally did a good job.

It was around mid-2010 when the end of the channel was speculated, and the small community of “fans” was outraged.

Some of them actually kept blogs, informing people about the awesomeness of the workouts that they have learned through that channel. And when the speculations were made public, the flaming on the blogs seemed to not stop.

It was weird, because if you really wanted a great workout you wither went to the gym or you would actually do all the research and learn a lot of things while doing so.

It was that feeling that you were on a journey, and adapting your mind as well as your body.

This channel basically numbed the journey, poisoned the mind and was unable to justify its expenses and sponsorships, because of the fact that if they would release something new, it would first appear on the on demand channel, and after it became old news and when most of the people figured out at least one way of watching it without paying, then it came on the public channel.

That was beyond harsh, even for a 2-bit channel that was in many cases even more useless than the weather channel.

On November 25th, the channel finally closed its doors, and the on demand channels, as well as the website, were closed In December that same year.

 A few people were sad to see it go, a few were actually happy, but the majority did not even care.

And if the future holds another such channel for us, we know not to expect anything from it.